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TurboXperts, Karakaj

At the address Karakaj 19, Zvornik, there is an authorized diesel center, “TurboXperts”, specialized in the maintenance and repair of diesel systems on passenger and commercial vehicles. Beside servicing turbo-compressors, cleaning diesel particulate filters (DPF/FAP) and repairing pump injector and common rail systems, “TurboXperts” also performs oil change, computer diagnostics, A/C charging and laser vehicle alignment.

Their expertise is also recognized when it comes to changing belts, tensioners, and vehicle suspension parts.

Partnership with TotalEnergies was signed at the end of 2019 when “TurboXperts” became a member of the TotalEnergies service network. Along with the new branding of the service, membership includes additional benefits like taking part in specialized employee training and promotional activities which are organized within the network.

The image gallery below shows what the service looks like after it became part of the TotalEnergies concept.

Being a business that cares about reputation, “TurboXperts” car service installs original parts exclusively and uses modern equipment and tools for diagnostics, testing, balancing and calibration. The two decades of operation confirm their clients’ satisfaction.


Through partnership with TotalEnergies, high-quality services are empowered by a globally recognized brand that guarantees for all TotalEnergies and ELF oils and fluids, supplied to all services in the network.