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Advice & Proposals


Dear visitors, although we specialize in auto cosmetics, and in the heart of our business lie TotalEnergies and Elf motor oils and fluids, the idea behind the section „Advice & Proposals“ is to include wider topics regarding car maintenance that are not limited to our core business, and provide you with as many information as possible, all in one place.

The purpose of the content you will find in „Advice & Proposals“ is to help you decide about what is best for your car, to understand problems that may happen to anybody who owns or plans to buy a car, as well as to recommend ways in which you can perform some of the basic check-ups and interventions on your car all by yourself, whithout the need to see a mechanic.

All content inside the „Advice & Proposals“ section is free and you may share it provided you mention its source. So don’t hesitate to contact us, ask a question, give us your sugesstion for a topic of interest or ask for help in case you face a problem, because we are here for you.