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“Shop Centar” service for passenger cars and light-duty vehicles is located in Patrijarha Dimitrija 12g Steet, as part of Technolub firm. The service specializes in vehicle diagnostics, mechanics, electronics and tire services, offering special benefits for the customers such as free towing within 60km distance, replacement vehicle for the duration of the service and the possibility for deferred payment, all of which become available upon signing a contract.


As an autorised distributor of TotalEnergies and Elf oil who has been working together with TotalEnergies for many years, Technoub’s “Shop Centar” service entered the TQAS concept and opened the service doors under the new branding at the end of 2017.

This video will show you what the service looked like before and after the makeover.

Contemporary workshop equipment and tools, availability of numerous quality replacement parts and trained staff, together with original products supplied by TotalEnergies, guarantee that any vehicle intervention will be done professionally and within the sortest period possible.

In the third episode of the TQAS Caravan, our host, Slobodan Sarenac, pays a visit to this service to give us a sneak peek of the working atmosphere discover some extraordinary challenges that the service staff had to face.

Follow us and enjoy the road of the TQAS Caravan.