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F1, Vranje

Following the flow of the South Morava River, the TotalEnergies Caravan through Serbia team reaches Vranje. Authentic houses, numerous monuments and remains of Ottoman architecture, cobbled alleys and modern buildings, testify to the crossing of different cultures and the extraordinary combination of the mystical Orient and the dynamic West.

As every stone in Vranje has its own history, the location of the car service "F1" also has an interesting origin. From our host, the owner of the service, you will hear what prompted him to open a workshop in that very place, what advantages and challenges brings such a busy geographic point, and another interesting thing - whether there are more taverns or car services in Vranje.

Like Kostana, a heroine of our famous writer Bora Stankovic, whose museum we visited on this occasion, for centuries the southern spirit has been playing in a rhythm that opens the soul, evokes emotions and passions. History and numerous cultural monuments, tradition and richness of customs, hospitality and generosity of the locals, along with the widely known gourmet and delight, have always made Vranje a recognizable and attractive place for many visitors.

TotalEnergies Caravan through Serbia | EP 9 | F1, Vranje

In the gallery of images below, we bring you some impressions from the "city with a soul", recorded by the camera of the TotalEnergies Caravan through Serbia team. If you haven't already, we invite you to watch other episodes of the series - we are sure you will enjoy them.

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