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Zdinjak, Sid

Oil on canvas

The TotalEnergies Caravan through Serbia "swam" into the calm sea of golden Pannonia. We were warmly greeted by Sid, so small and charming that both Danube and Sava hug him, while Fruska Gora watches over him. Wheat fields bathing in sunlight, clear waters of rivers and lakes, peace and harmony, everything seemed so familiar and friendly, as pleasant as home, even though we are there for the first time.

From the conversation with our hosts, we concluded that the residents of this region contribute to this feeling as well. You will see for yourself when you meet Robert, the owner of the "Zdinjak" car service, who calmly explains his view of something that is very important in this business - the moment when an apprentice becomes a master, as that is the moment when you recognize that you are ready to step up on a ladder.

That love for your profession is an important ingredient for progress, it is clear from the life story of Sava Sumanovic, a resident of Sid who, despite his father's opposition, went out into the world to become what he deeply wanted - a painter. Painted with bright, vivid colors and a lyrical atmosphere, his paintings tell magical stories about his inner and outer world the way he sees it.

Although he mastered different artistic directions, Sava's youngest works are the most representative example of domestic cubist painting, and in only 25 years of creativity, he left behind a legacy of inestimable artistic and material value. In the Art Gallery "Sava Sumanovic", there is the largest collection of his works in one place, to which no one remains indifferent.

TotalEnergies Caravan through Serbia | Ždinjak, Šid | Episode: Ulje na platnu

We hope that the photos below faithfully convey the impressions gained during this visit to the Zdinjak service, the "Sava Sumanovic" Art Gallery, and the lovely Sid itself. To see what other places the TotalEnergies Caravan visited on its journey through Serbia, watch our other episodes, we have no doubt that you will enjoy them.

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