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Crans-Montana, Ljig

The TotalEnergies Caravan team arrives at Kolubara District. From the place where we start our new adventure, there is a magnificent view of the Kolubara region on one side, and of Sumadija on the other. There is a kind of heavenly peace that simply invites you to stop, take a break, and rest.

Following Slobodan's refined "mustache" and sense of smell, we descend the slope and go straight to our next partner car service in Ljig. We find the host of the "Crans-Montana" car service enjoying his lunch break. He explains the unusual origin of the name of the service and the decision to start his own business in Serbia, along with some anecdotes from everyday life, thus expressing the spirit and tradition of the people of this region.

When it comes to tradition, the production of food and drinks for our own needs has always been a building and binding material of every family, as evidenced by the trove of treasure for the body and soul of the Lukic family that we visited on this occasion.

One of over 7000 water mills, that’s how many were there in Serbia in the middle of the 19th century, was also saved from oblivion by the love and desire to preserve the family heritage. Known as the "Vodenica kod Uce" on the Ljig River, it is still functional. It grinds all kinds of cereals, and legumes are no stranger to it. When it comes to homemade, soft, and aromatic bread, one can’t be too picky.

TotalEnergies Caravan through Serbia | EP 7 | Crans Montana, Ljig

In the image gallery below, we bring you a piece of the atmosphere from this trip that has intensely affected all our senses. To meet some more magical places and interesting people, we invite you to watch other episodes of the series TotalEnergies Caravan through Serbia.

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