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How to extend the life of your engine

Hundreds of thousands of kilometers on the odometer ... Although few people dream of driving the same car for that long, the fact is that the average service life of a car in our country is 10-15 years and that, of course, we want our engine to serve us well just as long.

In this video tutorial, we have stated a few recommendations for car maintenance and driving that significantly affect the engine’s lifespan.

How to extend the life of your engine

Last but not least, take care of all the liquids that your tin pet "drinks". Coolant and fuel are the ones that are indirectly related to engine operation. Pay attention to the recommended coolant change interval, and when it comes to fuel, avoid driving "on reserve".

We hope that this video tutorial that the TotalEnergies team has prepared for you was helpful. If you have any questions or would like to suggest a topic, feel free to contact us.