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Welcome to the front passenger's seat, next to Slobodan Srenac! The TQAS Caravan crew follows the shores of the Drina, up to Donja Borina and “Krsmanovic” auto service, where we discover some new and interesting stories, not only about the service, but also about some curious situations they faced over three decades of doing business. We will also visit a secret nearby place built by order of King Aleksandar I Karadjordjevic, whose plans and documents remain unknown to date!


The story of “Krsmanovic” auto service began in a front yard workshop. This family business was founded in 1986 and today they are known as one of the most successful and well-equipped services in Mali Zvornik municipality. Last year’s “TQAS Caravan” series sparked the idea of partnership with TotalEnergies. But what it is that “Krsmanovic” is recognized for, and why they even have customers from nearby cities? Find it out in this episode.

TQAS Caravan - Krsmanovic | Donja Borina

Leaving the service for a quick journey through history, we go back to the time of the royal Karadjordjevic family, and the period of their reign during the 20th century. We take a walk along the hallways of a secret underground city made of a labyrinth of chambers carved in stone. It was in one od these chambers that the last meeting of the Kingdom of Yugoslavia authorities took place. In the vey same room, Slobodan Sarenac took a minister's seat, a short-term one though.

We hope that these stories from services in the TQAS network, cultural and historcal heritage, and beautiful landscapes of Serbia are enough to make you stay with us and follow the TQAS Caravan series with Slobodan Sarenac.

If you want to know more about the TQAS service “Krsmanovic” and see what the service looked like before and after entering the TotalEnergies' service concept, click on the button below: