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Genuine, Belgrade

We continue the Belgrade adventure on the wheels of the TotalEnergies Caravan through Serbia at the foot of its only mountain. Known since ancient times for the highest quality ore and precious metals, this mountain with the ancient name Žrnovica, today known as Avala, is a natural resource of common importance.

It may not hide the mythical golden fleece, but at its foot, there certainly are our hard-working hosts from the car service "Genuine". Their hobby, or rather their love for off-road racing, provided them with acquaintances, but also cooperation outside the borders of Serbia, and their expertise regarding Land Rover vehicles has become widely known.

TotalEnergies Caravan through Serbia | EP 4 | Genuine, Belgrade

From an exciting off-road adventure to the highest point in Belgrade, from where the view on a clear day extends all the way to Vršac, we are sure that you will enjoy this great ride through the fourth episode.

For many more anecdotes, interesting stories from the service and hidden beauties of our country, follow the other episodes of the series TotalEnergies Caravan through Serbia.

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