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5 Safety Tips for Overtaking a Truck

Do you know anyone who likes to drive behind a truck? We don’t. First, your view becomes limited and then, there is the issue of speed, which, usually, gets well below the permissible limit. So, what do we end up doing? We wait for a part of the road where we’re allowed to overtake vehicles, and then we decide to drive around the truck. However, choosing the right section of the road for the aforementioned maneuver is far from being the only prerequisite for a positive outcome. Hence the data which states that more than 250.000 traffic accidents worldwide take place while a truck is being overtaken! It is estimated that in 70% of the cases the driver of the car which was overtaking the truck is to blame. So, let’s go over 5 safety tips for overtaking a truck, we have prepared for you, so as to give our contribution to road traffic safety.


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