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The TQAS Caravan crew is at the south end of our map. Our destination is “Allureco”, a TQAS service in Nis where we learn more about building an excellent reputation in this business segment. We also discover how “Allureco” provides education in the field of car-electronics, thus investing not only in the expansion of their own capacities, but also in the preservation and development of a profession that becomes ever more popular in the automotive industry. Along the way, we enjoy the sights of a city endowed with rich cultural and historical heritage, a city where two Roman emperors were born, and which had been driving attention of many conquerors for centuries.


Slobodan Sarenac’s keen eye recognizes that the service looks “like a pharmacy” as people here would say. However, this is not a coincidence, but a reflection of a business philosophy and a system that has, in less than 3 years, grown from a small unit with diagnostics into a great auto service that provides full service for any car brand. When asked about the future development, the kind owners of the service “Allureco” have many interesting things to say. We will highlight a partnership with a school of electrical sciences in Nis. Since we don’t want to reveal too much, we warmly recommend that you watch this video.

TQAS Karavan - Allureco |Niš

In a visit we pay to the school of electrical sciences “Mija Stanimirovic” that has recently celebrated their 70th anniversary, we take a sneak peek into the school’s car workshop where we learn more about the training of future experts in car electronics and what role partner services play in their education and future professional engagement.

We hope that the stories from the TQAS are more than a reason not to miss other episodes of the TQAS Caravan through Serbia with Slobodan Sarenac.

If you want to know more about the TQAS service “Allureco” and see what the service looked like before and after entering the TotalEnergies service concept, click on the button below: