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Don’t forget this in case of a traffic accident

In the following text, we will highlight some of the most important items that are often forgotten in a stressful situation, such as a traffic accident.

Think about other traffic participants

In case of a traffic accident, you are obligated to use proper signaling to inform other traffic participants about the presence of vehicles and other obstacles on the road. Warn all individuals to move away from the roadway to avoid further disruption of traffic, injuries, or destruction of accident evidence.

u slučaju saobraćajne nezgode

Be careful when providing assistance to the injured

Always call the police and emergency services if there are people who have suffered injuries. Help the injured in accordance with your knowledge, abilities, and capabilities. Refrain from doing so if you are unsure of your knowledge to avoid a worse situation.

Create a detailed photographic record

Make sure to photograph the scene of the traffic accident before the vehicle is removed, and don’t forget to capture any damage to the car. Additionally, you can create a video recording. 

Obstructions on the road

Obstructions on the road must be removed if they endanger traffic flow or pose a risk of new accidents. If one of the obstruction is your own vehicle, do not attempt to move it until you have created a detailed photographic record or until the police arrive.

Evaluate the cost of damage

When you’re uncertain and unable to estimate the costof material damage, it is better to call the police rather than dealing with compensation issues through an insurance company.

See if there are witnesses

If there are, collect their information (name, surname, contact) so that they can provide a statement. This is something that is often forgotten in such situations. And yet can be of great help. 

Exchange all the necessary data

The information you need to collect from the other participant in the traffic accident, in addition to their name and contact, includes the vehicle registration number, the name of the insurance company, policy number, and the duration of insurance coverage. 

Take a signed copy of the European accident statement

We advise against delaying the filling of the European accident statement and remind you that the copy you receive from the other party must be signed to be valid.