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Spas, Cacak

The TotalEnergies Caravan through Serbia team takes you to a city where world-famous sound echoes. The sound of a ball passing through the net of a basketball hoop. Whether it is something in the air, the fertile land, or the Morava river itself, remains a myth, but the fact is that Cacak is a city that gave birth to some of the greatest basketball legends of our country.

Our hosts in the car service "Spas" share with us several legends and anecdotes about the beginnings of their business. From the owner Slobodan Spasojevic, you will learn what characteristics are key to building credibility, whether the expression "patience is salvation" is applicable today and how important family support is to persevere on the road of development, business and personal alike.

TotalEnergies Caravan through Serbia | EP 5 | Spas, Cacak

The view of the edges of the Ovcar-Kablar gorge takes the breath away of everyone who finds themselves there or intentionally comes to it. Its passes only confirm that ups and downs are an integral part of life and that one should not run away from them, but should accept and find strength in them, just as we found a captivating gem of nature in the middle of the winding flow of the Morava river.

This episode is another testimonial that Serbia is a beautiful country, rich in natural, cultural and historical heritage that needs to be nurtured. For more such places and inspiring anecdotes, we invite you to watch other episodes of the series TotalEnergies Caravan through Serbia.

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