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On the Road to Children's Safety in Traffic

A traffic safety project for students attending special education schools in Belgrade


It is with a great pleasure that we have continued the realization of the project "On the Road to Children's Safety in Traffic" this year. This time, we have visited schools for children with special needs in Belgrade. For the purpose of this project, the entire educational program was revised and complemented in coordination with a team of defectologists - external associates and members of the teaching staff.


The education course involved more than 100 students who learned through play, both inside the classroom and on a specially designed outdoor simulation, helping children achieve a great progress in overcoming traffic situations. The entertaining and at the same time educational tablet game "On the Road to Safety" was edited in a way that included a voice-over component, for the sake of understanding tasks better. All materials that served for visualization and demonstration, including crossroad images, traffic signs, question cards and outdoor simulation canvas, were given away to the schools to use permanently, as they deem appropriate. The children were thrilled to welcome the costumed Robot Quartz who helped them solve tasks, who in return received many hugs, kisses, drawings and photos.


The schools which took part in the project and gave a valuable support to its development were: Radivoj Popović - school for the education of children with hearing disabilities, developmental dysphasia, autism, disharmonic development, and  speech and language difficulties; Stefan Dečanski - school for children with mild to moderate hearing disabilities; Boško Buha - primary school for the education of children with developmental disabilities and Dragan Kovačević - primary school for protection against vision loss.

We use this opportunity to invite all parents to play the game “On the Road to Safety” together with their children and discuss situations that raise doubt in traffic during the gameplay.

NOTICE: The game is adapted for desktop and laptop computers. On mobile devices, the robot-moving controls will not work.

For moving the robot sideways, you need to press the key with upward arrow and the key with arrow to the left or to the right simultaneously on your keyboard.

If you encounter a problem with launching the game "On the Road to Safety" please click here.

We owe a special thanks to the Secretariat for Education and Children’s Welfare of Belgrade who supported the realization of the project, but also to our little friends from the aforementioned schools who welcomed us, learned and had fun with us. Thank you for the smiles and the pleasure you've given us and see you at some of the next classes!