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Dragojlovic, Valjevo

Let it spin

Built at the intersections of many roads, Valjevo has for centuries been a gathering place for merchants and travelers. This peculiar city, in which the traditional and the modern are intertwined, gave Serbia many scientists, writers, artists, and heroes, but also lovers of cars, mechanics and movement, be it on four or two wheels.

In the collection of tin pets of our hosts at the "Dragojlovic" car service, there is also a four-wheeler that, when needed, can move on three wheels only. Another marvel of mechanics, which will delight you just as much, is the historical and museum-like example of a Citroen 2CV, affectionately called Spacek - well preserved and still in full power. And although they've experienced numerous adventures in it, the brothers Milan and Dragan yet mostly enjoy turning the pedals of their bicycles, guardians of their strength, youthfulness and cheerful spirit.

Quite understandably, when you take a walk around the area. Nature was particularly generous to Valjevo. Rivers, canyons, forests, caves, wherever you look and in whatever direction you go, you come across green oases. Even Marko Kraljevic himself, according to some legend, liked to sit on Vidrak hill above the city, to cool his tired feet in the river below and to enjoy the beauty that surrounds him.

TotalEnergies Caravan through Serbia | Dragojlovic, Valjevo | Episode: Let it spin

With the gallery of pictures below, we tried our best to convey a part of the beauty of the Valjevo region. In the other episodes of the series, you can see many other places that the TotalEnergies Caravan through Serbia team visited, maybe they will inspire some of your future trip or vacation. We will be glad if they do so.

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