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Top Auto, Leskovac

Progress against all odds

This year, TotalEnergies Caravan through Serbia starts its adventure at the memorial park "Revolution" in Leskovac. The legend of perseverance, resistance to adversity and triumph is tirelessly conveyed by the Goddess of Victory, and apart from passing visitors, her story is closely followed by cenotaphs carved with ancient symbols for eternal life from Proto-Slavic mythology.

A few blocks away, our host at the "Top Auto" car service is an excellent example of the importance of persistence, continuous learning, and a vision that encourages development. Following the ingenuity of his fellow citizens, the owner Igor Dimitrijević explains his strategy for achieving business success, and you will find out whether the saying “still waters run deep” is true in business, as well as the key factor that takes you one step ahead of others.

The permanent exhibition of the National Museum exudes precisely the resourceful, entrepreneurial spirit of the wise people of Leskovac who, not so long ago, transformed Leskovac from an oriental town into the most important industrial center in Serbia, after Belgrade. The dual character of the city and its inhabitants is clearly reflected in the exhibits - old-fashioned costumes on one side, expensive British fabric on the other; the survival of archaic crafts on one place, modern creations on another, and rich cultural and artistic life in the center.

A group of local industrialists in cooperation with Professor Đorđe Stanojević is responsible for the construction of the hydroelectric power plant "Vučje", one of the oldest in the world and still operational. For more than a century, it is a witness to an inexorable flow of progress and inventiveness.

TotalEnergies Caravan through Serbia | EP 1 | Top Auto, Leskovac

The photo gallery below justifies the second name of Leskovac - Serbian Manchester. We hope that the sights of this wonderful city will encourage you to visit it in person. Take a look at other episodes of the TotalEnergies Caravan series and travel with us through Serbia.

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