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Special fluids

Why choose TotalEnergies' special fluids ?

TotalEnergies' special fluids operates in the hydrocarbon specialty fluids market. We manufacture and market aromatic and non-aromatic solvents for industry.

Our Hydro De-Aromatization (HDA) technology and narrow distillation cuts allow us to produce high purity solvents with very low aromatic content in our plants in Oudalle, France and Bayport, USA.

The production process consists of two major steps:

  • Hydrogenation under high pressure which completely saturates the aromatic molecules and leads to very high purity products
  • Narrow-cut distillation which provides fluids adapted to customer requirements in terms of flash point, viscosity, pour point and solvency power. 
TotalEnergies Fluids

At TotalEnergies Fluids, we support our professional customers in the development of their business with our varied and comprehensive solutions.


Our solvents are manufactured at the Oudalle plant in France and the Bayport plant in the USA and marketed in over 70 countries through a network of dedicated experts in our local subsidiaries.

Tehnologija hidrogenacije

Our high pressure hydrogenation technology allows us to process a wide range of feedstocks and to obtain products that combine high performance and purity. 

proizvodni proces

We are always ready to listen to you and anticipate your future needs. To maintain this close relationship, we rely on innovation and the recognised quality of our products and services. 

smanjenje emisije gasova

In line with TotalEnergies' strategy to provide you with ever cleaner hydrocarbon fluids, we are focusing on reducing greenhouse gas emissions from our plants and logistics operations.

možete računati na nas

Whatever your sector of activity, wherever you are, we remain close to you.