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In this episode of the TQAS Caravan, our destination is located in the north of Serbia, in the heart of the Pannonian plain. The geography and the traffic position of Backa Topola make it a busy transit with many nationalities and cultures passing through every day. It is exactly in this place where you can find the “A24 Assistance” service that was visited by our TQAS crew.


Through discussion with service owners, our cheerful host, Slobodan Sarenac, reveals more about the service, along with some amusing anecdotes derived from the rich cultural diversity. Once we leave the service, we take you to a couple of amazing places in the vicinity of Backa Topola that you may have never visited, but which definitely deserve attention.


Have you heard about the only windmill left in Backa Topola, the famous monument to the milling industry of this country? Can you hear the sound of horseshoes coming from Zobnatica? What is the pace of life in this remarkable little town? Give in to the magic of Backa Topola and enjoy these photos.

Curious local anecdotes, incredibly beautiful views and historical heritage of this country are more than enough reason not to miss other episodes of the “TQAS Caravan” through Serbia with Slobodan Sarenac. Follow us and enjoy.