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13 things drivers usually do wrong

We should not allow to behave irresponsibly towards our own car, as this shortens its lifespan and jeopardizes safety in traffic. In the following text, we aimed to highlight the most common mistakes made by car owners and suggest ways to correct them.

1.High RPM rate while the engine is still cool

Keep in mind that oil needs some time to warm up in order to perform its primary function. Try driving slowly for the first few minutes until the oil warms up, using lower RPMs.

2.Not keeping your car in a garage

Cars parked in a garage are generally in better condition than those left outside. However, it is important to regularly inspect the garage, especially if there is no ventilation system. This is particularly important for faster drying of the car after rain or snow, preventing corrosion.

3.Ignoring the vehicle manual instruction

Although every vehicle comes with a detailed user manual instruction, drivers often don’t read these instructions until something goes wrong. We recommend reading the manuals before use because proper car usage and maintenance can save you both time and money.

4.Using inadequate oil

Inappropriate oil can cause serious engine damage. Choose oil recommended by the car manufacturer.

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5.Not paying too much attention to the front of a car

Careless driving over road potholes, speed bumps, and dangerous approaches to curbs can have severe consequences for your car’s shock absorbers, hubcaps, and tires. Adjust your speed when drivig toward some of these obstacles to ensure safety for both you and your vehicle.

6.Excess use of the clutch

Relying on the clutch pedal and frequently engine braking can reduce the functionality of this component by up to 7000 km. Additionally, avoid driving in first gear with your foot on the clutch at traffic lights and uphill.

7. Ignoring warning lights on the car panel

Try to pay more attention to the car panel. Don’t delay visiting the service center when you notice that any of the warning lights on the car panel are not turned on.

8.Delaying car repair

Postponing car repairs can cost you not only money but also seriously endanger your safety on the road. Keep in mind that even the smallest irregularity can lead to a larger, more expensive repair.

9.Irregular servicing

Regular servicing is essential for proper car functioning. Stick to the recommended service intervals because repairs can be costly. Service involves more than just oil and filter changes—it includes a comprehensive inspection.

10.Driving with low fuel level

We advise you to avoid this due to the issues it can cause, such as impurities at the bottom of the fuel tank. When the fuel level is low, the pump draws in both fuel and accumulated impurities, which can have serious consequences for the engine and fuel injection system.

11.Infrequent tire check

Regular tire checks are one of the easiest tasks and should be followed diligently. Underinflated tires wear unevenly and quickly, affecting vehicle grip on the road and compromising stability. Additionally, they lead to increased fuel consumption.

12.Cleaning tinted car windows with any liquid

Be cautious when cleaning tinted windows and avoid using products containing ammonia, as it can easily damage the window film layers. Pay attention to the label and choose appropriate cleaning agents.

13.Using plain water in the radiator

Water alone won’t sufficiently cool the engine during summer heat, and in winter months, it can be detrimental to your engine because it freezes at higher temperatures than proper coolant.