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Euro Auto, Bor

Trail of the Colossal ones

Although it is among the youngest cities in Serbia, Bor is a fusion of completely dissimilar characteristics. It gained the city status about 70 years ago, yet it combines French architecture, unusual exhibits of technical culture and surreal scenes. And everything is surrounded by lush nature and speleological sites.

Our partner from the service network, Euro-auto, also fits into that picture. A long history, expertise and speed of work, as well as work on pickup trucks that give the impression of props from science fiction films, are the central characteristics of this service. Darko Stevanovic, the owner, is an example of a person with an exceptional entrepreneurial spirit and an indicator that formal education and profession do not necessarily have to be closely related, because life has different plans for us, we just need to recognize opportunities and seize them.

Along the main road, right in front of the service station, metal giants are exhibited, and it is impossible to bypass them. We wouldn’t even advise you to miss them, because apart from being a symbol of the city, they are imposing witnesses of the history of mining and metallurgy in Bor.

And if you, like the TotalEnergies Caravan team, are impressed by grandiose things, there are Zlot Caves to feed your adventurous spirit. We will take you through stunning halls, just be mindful - they are home to hundreds of tiny creatures whose peace must not be disturbed.

TotalEnergies Caravan through Serbia | Euro-auto, Bor | Pickup trucks and work machines

We hope that our camera lens will be able to at least partially depict Bor the way we saw and experienced it. To visit other incredible parts of Serbia from the comfort of your own home, you only need to watch the other episodes of the series TotalEnergies Caravan through Serbia.

If you wish to join the TotalEnergies service network, feel free to contact us.