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Miltrade Group 023, Zrenjanin

Auto service “Miltrade Group 023” was founded more than 30 years ago as a family business for road transport and vehicle servicing. Today, this car service offers complete car maintenance, including mechanics, diagnostics, A/C service and repair, tire and towing services. “Miltrade Group 023” is located at Hercegovacka 30 in Zrenjanin.

In mid-2018, “Miltrade Group 023” signed a contract with TotalEnergies, thus becoming part of the TotalEnergies service network. Along with visual features that are characteristic for all services in the network, “Miltrade Group 023” enjoys TotalEnergies’ support when it comes to product consulting, professional training and promotional activities.

In the photo gallery below you can see what the service looks like after joining the TotalEnergies concept.

With more than three decades of experience, commitment to work and investing in service equipment, “Miltrade Group 023” enjoys the trust of many clients be they individuals, private businesses or public institutions.

In addition to choosing a trusted service, clients can be sure that they also chose a high-quality product from the TotalEnergies range. The trust that we build together with our partners makes the TotalEnergies service concept recognizable not only in the country but also worldwide.