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What you mustn’t disregard after winter?

Snow, dirt, road salt, and the additional strain that the engine experiences during winter can have serious consequences if the essential checks and interventions on the car are overlooked during this period. Below, you can find advice and recommendations on what not to disregard after the winter season. We wish you a comfortable and safe drive!

The car's exterior

One of the most important tasks after winter is washing your car. Pay special attention to the bottom of the chassis and wheel arches, which are most affected by road salt during winter, as well as the dirt that accumulates in the engine compartment. Look for any signs of corrosion, especially above the wheels. 

Windshield wipers

Low temperatures and snow thrown onto your windshield by other vehicles can damage the wiper blades. If they leave streaks, replace them. Additionally, check the windshield washer fluid level in the reservoir.

Oil and fluids 

Some drivers change oil in the spring, but this is not necessary if you are using synthetic oils with wide range of viscosities. Oil with a grade of 5W-30 is suitable for temperature conditions from -35°C to 30°C, so it can be used throughout the whole year.

Ulje i fluidi

Air conditioning 

Test your air conditioning by setting the temperature to the minimum and wait for about ten minutes. Unpleasant smell will indicate that it’s time for disinfection. If disinfectants don’t help, it is time for an air conditioning service.

Šta ne smete zanemariti nakon zime?

Car battery and alternator

If you notice that the cabin lights and headlights are dimmer or that the windows take longer to raise and lower, check the electrical supply and storage. If you have difficulty starting the car even after charging the battery, it is time for a replacement. 

Cabin filter

The cabin filter eliminates pollen particles, gases emitted from traffic, and smells caused by environmental pollution. If you notice fogging on the windows, it is possible that the filter is clogged and unable to prevent moisture from the cabin. In that case, visit a mechanic.