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In this episode of the TQAS Caravan, we begin our journey at the Gruza lake bathed in the sunlight and continue towards our friends in the TQAS service "AC Terzic". We are in the heart of Sumadija region, in the city where 7 medieval kings were crowned, the city that was once known as the “Serbian Bologna” thanks to the success of local basketball clubs, a fact especially appreciated by our host Slobodan Sarenac.


Visiting the TQAS service "AC Terzic", we discover how easy it is to find a solution when the goal and the vision are clear. In everyday communication with end customers and having witnessed what a unified service means to clients in the neighboring countries, our host explains how he implemented this idea in his own auto-center. Of course, TotalEnergies has recognized the expertise and the effort of all the service employees and decided to carry out this project.


From the TQAS service "AC Terzic", over the top of Maglic fortress and the magnificent view of the mountain Stolovi, all the way to the unique art concept of the authentic "Krstovgrad" set up in the Valley of Lilacs, we will try to share with you all the beauty we saw with our own eyes. Don’t forget to visit these places if you ever have the opportunity to do so.

Curious local anecdotes, incredibly beautiful views and historical heritage of this country are more than enough reason not to miss other episodes of the “TQAS Caravan” through Serbia with Slobodan Sarenac. Follow us and enjoy.