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Pantovic Merosina

TotalEnergies TQAS Caravan arrives in Merosina, close to Nis and Prokuplje. Visiting the TQAS service our dear host, Slobodan Sarenac, learns more about why their business is growing, how they follow trends in the automotive industry and how they make a positive impact on the education and employment of future specialists in car electronics.


We make a short break at Oblacin Lake, located very close to the service, where we enjoy the clean air and the view of a blue sky and peaceful water. Should the road take you to this place, make sure you ask about the well-known Oblacin cherries. We will learn more about the cultural and historic significance of this area dating back to the time of Justinian I, the great Roman emperor whom history remembers for his efforts to strengthen the Eastern Orthodox empire.

TQAS Karavan - Pantović | Merošina

Heading back from Gradiste hill which tells the legend about the hidden Byzantine treasure, we return to our friends at “Pantovic” service, where we have the opportunity to take a sneak peek of the machine they say is their greatest ally in repairing pumps and injectors in diesel engines. We also solve the mystery of whether chip tuning affects an engine’s life span.

We hope that interesting stories form the TQAS service, beautiful landscapes and the cultural heritage of Serbia are more than enough reason not to miss other episodes of the “TQAS Caravan” through Serbia with Slobodan Sarenac. Stay tuned and enjoy the ride.

If you want to know more about the TQAS service “Pantovic” and see what the service looked like before and after entering TotalEnergies' service concept, click on the button below: