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Svileni, Pojate

The TotalEnergies Caravan through Serbia team arrived at Pojate, a settlement in the municipality of Cicevac that has modest proportions, but great importance for traffic communication between all parts of Serbia. The Tower of the Todor of Stalac in the immediate vicinity also had an important strategic position, remembered in history for its significance for the defense of the medieval capital, and in poetry as a place of tragically but bravely and honorably perished spouses, Duke Prijezda and his beloved Jelica.

The car service "Svileni" was also born out of great love. At first glance, it gives the impression of a unique family home, with the lobby where cars are entrusted to be taken great care of and maintained. In the eighth episode of the series TotalEnergies Caravan through Serbia you will have the opportunity to see that it is not only an impression, but a real reflection of the values of the entire team, as well as the owner’s business and life philosophy.

TotalEnergies Caravan through Serbia | EP 8 | Svileni, Pojate

In the photo gallery below, we’ll try to convey some of our impressions from this inspiring trip. And if you still haven't, be sure to check out other episodes of the series TotalEnergies Caravan through Serbia.

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