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The introduction of TotalEnergies Folia fluid to the global market at the end of 2018 signaled the start of a metal processing revolution. It is the first biopolymer-based water-soluble fluid that, in addition to enhancing productivity and processing quality, is safer for the operator's health and the environment.

Our direct presence in the Serbian market has enabled us to deliver the appropriate degree of technical support and novel high-tech products to our industry partners, including fluids for metal processing from the Folia range.
The main topics of the "Factory settings" are optimizing performance and safe machine operation, in which our partners will present the specifics of their businesses, as well as the results obtained by using Folia solutions in terms of performance, cost savings, employee health and safety at work.

Factory Settings

Jomi-ing, Kac

During our visit to the manufacturing facility of the company Jomi-ing d.o.o. in Kac, we introduce you to our partner who has been providing mechanical services for over a decade, specifically in the production and assembly of components and products for various segments of the industry.  You'll discover how Jomi-ing ensures quality, what precision means to them, and what role Folia fluids have in such a demanding operational environment.

TotalEnergies Factory Settings, Jomi-ing, Kac

Please contact us if you would like more information about the benefits of using Folia products. Our industry experts will offer you all the information and support you need.

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