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MS Auto Pancevo

We are a few kilometers away from the largest continental sandy terrain in Europe and right next to the Starcevo archeological site which testifies about the earliest permanent settlements of humankind, in the city where the first brewery in the Balkans was founded… Welcome to Pancevo.

Slobodan Sarenac and the TQAS Caravan crew have reached the Tamis river-shore, right to the place where “MS Auto” was founded three decades ago, an auto service owned and run by the Jokovic family that nurtures a long tradition of motorsports and a great love of four-wheelers.


Through a conversation with Srdjan, the owner “MS Auto”, we discover how they became an authorized service for the PSA group and a member of the TQAS network, how much the automotive industry changed over the last 20 years, and why Bora Todorovic, the legendary Serbian film and stage actor, wanted to postpone the repair of his Peugeot 307 which he drove up for servicing.

TQAS Caravan - MS Auto | Pancevo

In the vicinity of the service “MS Auto” there is an impressive collection of over 100 antique motorcycles, among which one can see a 1926 Puch, some rare exhibits like the New Imperial 7B Supersport and 1961 Triumph Thunderbird, a gift from the British queen for the Non-Aligned Summit in Belgrade, some elderly Harley Davidson and BMW models, and many veterans on two and some on four wheels. Slobodan Sarenac and the TQAS Caravan crew were on the spot, happy to share their impressions.

We hope that the curious anecdotes we bring from the services, the amazing landscapes we show you and the historical heritage of Serbia we discover are more than enough reason to watch the entire “TQAS Caravan” series with Slobodan Sarenac.

If you want to know more about the TQAS service “MS Auto” and see what the service looked like before and after entering the TotalEnergies service concept, click on the button below: