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Beo-car Belgrade

In the second season of the TQAS Caravan series, we visited new auto services all over Serbia that have joined TotalEnergies service network since our previous adventure. We also glimpsed at some not so well known and yet specific places in their vicinity. The wheels of the TQAS Caravan pull over at the last point of this year’s route – in Belgrade.


In a visit we pay to our friends and partners in the TQAS service “Beo-car” in New Belgrade, we learn more about how they built their business – from selling tires, car parts and equipment – to a contemporary auto center that not only has a developed sales system (online and at physical locations) but also a distinguished auto service which includes a hotel for tires and a center for vehicle inspection and registration.

TQAS Caravan - Beo-car | Belgrade

From “Beo-car” service we go on a short tour around the Aeronautical Museum, one of the top 10 aviation museums in the world, that has over two hundred aircrafts both from East and West, among which we see a Spitfire – the first prototype of the British fighter plane, an Eagle (Orao) – the pride of the Yugoslavian aviation industry, and the prototype of the aircraft with which Ivan Saric opened the first chapter of Serbian aviation!

In case you are wondering why we chose the Aeronautical Museum, we will disclose one little-known historical fact: the first synthetic oils were used by aircraft engines!

We hope that the interesting stories from the TQAS services, breathtaking views and historical heritage of Serbia are more than enough reason to watch the previous episodes and follow the upcoming ones as we keep rolling on the wheels of the TQAS Caravan through Serbia!

If you want to know more about the TQAS service “Beo-car” and see what the service looked like before and after entering the TotalEnergies service concept, click on the button below: