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On the wheels of the "TQAS Caravan", we set off to Kragujevac to visit our friends in "Raj Trans" service where we have the opportunity to learn more about how they do business and what services they offer, but that’s not all! Our hosts made an effort to bring the service atmosphere closer to us, telling a story of triple reparation of the same tire within the same day!


As the "TQAS Caravan" conquers the capital of prince Milos, the road takes us through interesting historical moments that paved the way of modern Serbian state, from Obrenovic dynasty to the "Fica" car, through the first Serbian Constitution and electrification. In this episode, Slobodan Sarenac takes you on an unforgettable adventure and reveals some highlights of the glorious national history, so make sure you don’t miss this video.

In a collage made of pieces taken from the TQAS „Raj Trans”, the Serbian historical heritage, the beginning of industrialization and the golden age of automotive industry, we get to know Kragujevac in a completely new light. Enjoy the photos that we have prepared for you.

Curious local anecdotes, incredibly beautiful views and historical heritage of this country are more than enough reason not to miss other episodes of the “TQAS Caravan” through Serbia with Slobodan Sarenac. Follow us and enjoy.