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Engine oils



QUARTZ XTRA is the new top-notch range designed for the latest downsized and hybrid engines. Quartz Xtra benefits from the innovative Eco-Science technology.

Eco-Science technology improves engine life and efficiency, optimizes engine care and lowers fuel consumption. In other words, Quartz Xtra engine oils with Eco-Science technology not only remove impurities and protect engines, but also provide additional benefits such as significant fuel economy and optimal engine care for maximized performance.






QUARTZ INEO is our top tier range specially formulated for vehicles equipped with particulate filters,
and more largely recommended for all vehicles equipped with post-treatment systems. 


  • New generation lubricants for diesel and gasoline engines
  • Optimised performance of post-treatment systems
  • Lower car servicing costs for users compared to standard oils(1)
  • Suitable for all types of use.





QUARTZ 9000 is our top tier range composed of products designed for vehicles not equipped with particulate fi lters, offering a wide scope of use. Quartz 9000 products are developed to provide
your engine with the highest level of protection, performance and durability.


Quartz 9000 range relies on the exclusive Age-Resistance technology.

Quartz 9000, with Age-Resistance technology provides ultimate protection against mechanical wear or extreme temperatures, and outstanding engine performance throughout its lifespan, even under frequent stop and start conditions.







QUARTZ 7000 is our range of semi-synthetic products, providing effective and impeccable engine cleanliness.


Fighting against major causes of breakdowns, Quartz 7000 with Clean-Shield technology is the oil of choice across the globe to guarantee engine cleanliness during the entire drain interval and after oil change.


Official VW 501.01/505.00 approval



QUARTZ 5000 is our highperformance technology engine oil range, developed to provide advanced cleanliness. 


Quartz 5000 range relies on the Clean-Shield technology. Thanks to advanced detergent molecules designed to capture and isolate dirt such as sludge and soot, Clean-Shield technology keeps engines clean in the long term.