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How to check airbags in used cars

Purchasing a used car always involves a certain amount of risk, seeing it as you cannot know for sure the history of the vehicle you are interested in. This is something used car dealers are also aware of and they use it to leave out negative information about or to advertise non-existent equipment in the cars they are selling. It is exactly the checking of a used car’s equipment that is the subject of this video, that is, how to check the existence and reliability of the airbags in the used car you are interested in buying.


Provera vazdušnih jastuka u polovnim automobilima

When Do Airbags Deploy?

Modern cars are equipped with sensors which need milliseconds to recognize a crash. It is exactly the aforementioned sensors that decide whether there is a need for the airbags to deploy. In other words, the airbags will come out only if a potential crash puts pressure strong enough on the car, that is, in the case of the car moving at a certain speed.  

Most modern cars will not have its airbags deployed if there is not enough weight in the front seats, which is another reason for kids to sit in the back.


Driving children inadequately is not only subject to a penalty, but also very dangerous!


Can Airbags Working Properly Cause Injuries?

Depending on the circumstances, such as, for example, the speed of a car, under which an accident occurred, airbags, in the case of deployment, can sometimes cause minor injuries in the form of bruises or scratches. Still, it is a small price to pay for a life saved or for much worse injuries prevented.

More serious injuries, such as head trauma, a broken nose, cracked rib or injuries to the fingers and hands, can occur if the driver is sitting too close to the steering wheel. This is why you should adjust your seat, so that, when touching the backrest and holding the steering wheel, your hands are slightly bent, which is the proper body position for driving and which indicates that you are at a safe distance from the steering wheel.


If we told you that your posture behind the wheel could save your life, would you spend a couple of minutes to correct it?


We hope you found this video useful. For any questions and suggestions of topics you find interesting, feel free to contact us.