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How we “borrowed” oil from tanks and planes


Engine oil, in its earliest mode, was no more than a by-product of crude oil. When our ancestors discovered this slippery substance thousands of years ago, a revolutionary idea was born – an idea that “lubricated” one of the most significant inventions in the early phase of humankind history…



To lubricate engine’s moving parts, the earliest automobiles used this crude oil by-product, whose composition resembles today’s mineral oil.

However, each engine designer had his own oil, fuel and control system. And they all shared the same interest, and this was to sell their vehicles worldwide. Soon they all recognized the need for standardization.

As vehicle manufacturers looked for a way to get higher quality oil for engines that gradually became more powerful, one historical event catapulted the progress in the formulation of engine oils…



Synthetic oil was first used in tanks!

Tanks running on gasoline demanded higher quality oil that would not “burn” at high temperatures.

Shortly after, research in petrochemicals, which gave birth to the plastics industry, lead to significant advances in the 1950s and 60s.  Special additives with excellent detergent, anti-corrosion and anti-wear features were formulated. Meaning that…

Synthetic oils borrow technology directly from the plastics industry!

Already in 1967, one entirely different technology enabled the construction of the first DFV engine that would change the history of Formula 1 and remain dominant in the decades to come! Achieving incredibly high number of revolutions, such engine demanded oil and additives that would not allow it to “fall apart”!


In mid 70s, the same oil that was used by Formula 1 cars was also used by street automobiles.

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But alas, the opening of highways all over the world and advances in engine design that grew even faster and more powerful put engine oil to a great test once again!

It was time for a new kind of synthetic oils. Engineers turned to the aviation industry for a solution.

Jet engine oil was so durable that it lasted for the lifetime of the aircraft, without the need to change it or top it up!

This type of oil was too expensive for mass production, but the technology itself was priceless for the further development of synthetic oils.

And while history recounts, and real life confirms…

Synthetic oils are still the best engine oils on the market!

Looking back, from the first lubricated wheel axis, through tank battlefields, soaring up sky-high and running wild on race tracks, engine oil has given us an exciting ride through history, hasn’t it?

And now, the commercial segment. We cannot guarantee that our oil will make your vehicle fly, but rest assured that caring for your engine is our primary goal. Those who use our oils can corroborate. ;)

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