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Trgoauto, Srbobran

"Trgoauto" car service is located at 19 Oktobra 18 in Srbobran. In the year 2000, it became an authorized dealer and repairer of Peugeot brand vehicles. “Trgoauto” began operations in 1990 and, in addition to passenger vehicles, also services and maintains trucks and buses. It includes the selling of used automobiles with a written warranty, the sale of spare parts, equipment, and consumables, air conditioning maintenance, engine, transmission, suspension, and electrical installation repairs, as well as car bodywork, painting, and vulcanization.

After joining the TotalEnergies service network in 2023, "Trgoauto" adopts the globally recognizable visual identity of the TotalEnergies concept. Additionally, it gets the opportunity for the professional development of employees, participation in promotional activities organized at the network level, and regular supply of original products from the TotalEnergies portfolio.

In the photo gallery below, you can see what "Trgoauto" looks like after joining the TotalEnergies network.

Constant improvement and obtaining certificates for work, expanding services, as well as monitoring trends and technological development, along with professionalism and quality, ensure that every client's trust will be justified, and the deadline for completion of the work will be met.

servis Trgoauto

Aside from the services listed above, "Trgoauto " also offers oversized transport, transportation of passenger and duty vehicles and work machinery, and high security transport. Given that the service is constantly improving logistics procedures and places an emphasis on safety, TotalEnergies entered into a partnership with pleasure and the goal of providing end users with quality services, a high level of safety, and access to original oils and lubricants for their vehicles.