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Zdinjak, Sid

Car service "Zdinjak" is located at Zmaj Jovina 88 in Sid, near the border with Croatia. Founded in 2016, the "Zdinjak" car center offers all standard services, including car diagnostics, mechanical repairs, vehicle maintenance, AC filling, as well as procurement of spare parts.

Although it is primarily oriented towards French vehicles, "Zdinjak" car center provides high-quality service to owners of other car brands as well.

The partnership with the company TotalEnergies was signed in 2020 by joining the "Zdinjak" car service to our service concept, which includes rebranding the service into a recognizable visual identity, the opportunity to improve the technical knowledge of employees, support through original products from the TotalEnergies range, as well as support through marketing activities that TotalEnergies organizes at the level of the service network.

In the image gallery below, you can see what the service looks like after joining the network.

Dedication to the profession and constant work on improving and developing both their own skills and the business itself is sufficient reason for gaining trust among clients, and therefore the starting point for building a successful partnership with TotalEnergies.

Ždinjak, Šid

Experience, competence, and expertise, as well as constant investment in knowledge and skills and following trends in the field of mechanics and diagnostics, are values that TotalEnergies recognizes as important for common progress.