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Top Auto, Leskovac

“Top Auto” was founded 1993 in Leskovac as a family-owned car workshop. Five years later they opened a car parts shop, and in 2008 the entire business moved to 1 Bozidara Velickovica Street in Leskovac.

Along with mechanics, computer diagnostics and tire services for passenger and commercial vehicles, “Top Auto” specializes in cleaning injector nozzles and fuel injection systems, replacing and repairing automotive glass, A/C servicing, rebuilding of engine, clutch and transmission systems, emergency interventions and road assistance. 

At the beginning of 2020 “Top Auto” became a member of TotalEnergies service concept, pursuant to their strategic vision of development through collaboration with renowned companies from the automotive industry.

The benefits of partnership with TotalEnergies are numerous, among which are the support through fluids and lubricants for motor vehicles, employee training and special promotional actions, as well as receiving new visual features which are standard for all members of the TotalEnergies service concept worldwide.

The image gallery below shows what the service looks like after joining the TotalEnergies service network.

From a small family business to a modern auto center that occupies 250m² of service and 50m² of adjunct space, plus a 50m² shop, “Top Auto” continues to widen the capacity of services, equipment and parts, owing to the great trust they enjoy among their clients and associates. 

Top Auto servis


The values that “Top Auto” nurtures – such as keeping up with technical and technological changes in the automotive industry through education and contemporary equipment, using only high-quality parts, tools and maintenance products, providing efficient service and being transparent in communication with clients – are also the values which TotalEnergies promotes and supports through these partnerships, so that by joining forces we can give users exceptional experience and peace of mind when it comes to products from TotalEnergies portfolio.