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Svileni, Pojate

Auto service “Svileni” is located at the address Pojate s/n in the municipality of Cicevac. They specialize in the repair and maintenance of Peugeot and Citroën vehicles, though they also offer a wider range of services to customers. Diagnostics, cleaning of the diesel engine injection system, treatment of brake discs and drums, gear adjustment and tire balancing, starter and alternator overhaul, as well as disinfection and air conditioning services, are among the services offered.

"Svileni" became a full member of the TotalEnergies network at the end of 2020, under the new branding and with the support of the TotalEnergies which includes, in addition to high-quality and original oils and fluids for vehicles, upgrading employee technical knowledge and special actions for end users within the TotalEnergies network.

The image gallery below shows what the service looks like after joining the TotalEnergies network.

More than three decades of experience, dedicated work, professional training, and keeping up with industry trends and developments have earned the "Svileni" service a high level of confidence and respect among end users. In addition, they promote a unique approach to each client, in which each owner can receive guidance on safe vehicle handling and maintenance.

TQAS “Svileni”

Through the cooperation with TotalEnergies, a professional approach to work and a business strategy that emphasizes quality and continual education have been strengthened to mutual satisfaction and with significant potential for development.