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Spas, Cacak 

Car service “Spas” is located in Vapa s/n, which belongs to the municipality of Cacak, on the old road to the city of Kraljevo. Ever since their foundation, they have been providing mechanical services for all types of passenger and commercial vehicles. They also specialize in car electrics and diagnostics, A/C servicing and maintenance. “Spas” is also a dealer of used vehicles.

In mid-2020, “Spas” opened their doors under a new, recognizable branding which is typical for all partner services in the TotalEnergies network. Together with the new visual features, entering the TotalEnergies concept means support not only when it comes to products, but also through the opportunity for expert training and participation in promotional activities that the company organizes within its network.

The image gallery below shows what the service looks like after joining the TotalEnergies concept.

The quality of “Spas” car service is confirmed by nearly two decades of dedicated work and thousands of vehicles that have been maintained by them. Thanks to their quick interventions, contemporary equipment and keeping pace with innovations in the automotive industry, “Spas” is perceived by clients as a car service of great reputation and trust.

servis “SPAS”

Commitment to each client, aptitude to resolve any malfunction as quickly as possible, continuous improvement of skills, tools and equipment were the values that recommended “Spas” for partnership with TotalEnergies, which was signed to the pleasure of both sides aspiring towards success.