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Solid Cars Servis, Belgrade

"Solid Cars Servis" is located at Slavka Miljkovica 81, in the Belgrade suburb of Resnik. With a business tradition spanning 30 years, they offer repair and maintenance services for motor vehicles and light commercial vehicles, servicing and charging air conditioning units, tire vulcanization, wheel alignment, and tire storage. Additional amenities include a self-service car wash and a café bar.

In 2023, "Solid Cars Servis" entered into a collaboration with TotalEnergies and joined a global network of over 40 car repair shops in Serbia. In addition to branding the service and regular supply of original TotalEnergies products, the benefits of network membership include numerous promotional activities, professional development of service staff, and various forms of support from TotalEnergies.

The photo gallery below shows how "Solid Cars Servis" in Resnik looks after joining the TotalEnergies service concept.

As a result of successful collaboration, a self-service car wash under the TotalEnergies Wash brand was opened right next to the repair shop in November 2023. By completing the offer in this way, "Solid Cars Servis" is able to provide customers with a comprehensive service at a single location, as well as a guarantee of quality for TotalEnergies products used in car maintenance.

Solid Cars Servis

Customers' long-standing trust, developmental potential, and accessible location were the key recommendations for forming a partnership with TotalEnergies, resulting in mutual satisfaction and a common objective of supplying end users with trustworthy products and complete service.