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Shop Centar, Beograd

“Shop Centar” service for passenger cars and light-duty vehicles is located in Patrijarha Dimitrija 12g, Belgrade, as part of the Technolub enterprise. The service specializes in vehicle diagnostics, mechanics, electronics and tire services, offering special benefits for the customers such as replacement vehicle for the duration of the service and the possibility for deferred payment, all of which become available upon signing a contract.

As an authorized distributor of TotalEnergies and Elf oil that has been successfully cooperating with TotalEnergies for many years, Technolub, which owns the "Shop Centar" car service, becomes part of the TotalEnergies concept and, at the end of 2017, opens the doors of the service under a new branding.

In the image gallery that follows, you can see “Shop Centar” after adopting the well-known visual identity of the TotalEnergies service concept.

Contemporary workshop equipment and tools, availability of numerous quality replacement parts and trained staff, together with original products supplied by TotalEnergies, guarantee that any vehicle intervention will be done professionally and within the shortest period possible.


Considering the many years of successful cooperation, the expansion of the partnership to the service network was the logical next step, all with the aim that our customers, in addition to reliable products for their vehicles, have access to a high level of car maintenance and repair services in one place.