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Samardzic, Beograd

“Samardzic” auto service has been a family business for two generations. Today’s facilities are located in the Belgrade neighborhood Staro sajmiste, at the address Zemunski put no. 7. Along with standard auto mechanic services, oil change services, wheel alignment and tire services that are available to customers, the service also offers car washing.

The service officially joined our service network in 2017, gaining the characteristics of the recognizable TotalEnergies concept. Along with the new visual identity, the "Samardzic" car service also receives support in the form of original oils and fluids from our range, the opportunity to participate in promotional activities within the TotalEnergies network, while all employees get the opportunity for continuous professional development.

The gallery of images below shows "Samardzic" after it became part of the TotalEnergies service concept.

With two positions for washing and three for servicing cars, and thanks to the rich experience gained during two decades of work, the "Samardzic" car service provides a high level of service quality, which is why it enjoys a reputation and respect among clients who return with pleasure whenever necessary.

Auto servis Samardzic

Professionalism in work and commitment to end users, as a guarantee of safety, quality and customer satisfaction, were the foundations for a successful partnership with TotalEnergies which resulted in joining the "Samardzic" car service to the TotalEnergies network.