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“Samardzic” auto service has been a family business for two generations. Today’s premises are located in Staro sajmiste neighborhood in Belgrade, on number 7 Zemunski put Street. Along with standard auto mechanic services, oil change services, wheel alignment and tire services available to customers, the service also offers car washing.

“Samardzic” is one of the first TQAS services in Belgrade. Under the TQAS branding, the auto service was officially opened at the end of December 2017, with the aim to become even more recognizable and to improve the quality of service and employee expertise.

This video will show you how the service looked like before and after the makeover.

The service consists of 5 working units, three of which are for car servicing, while two serve for vehicle wash. High quality of service and commitment to clients were exactly the starting point to raise the partnership with TotalEnergies to a higher level and enter the TQAS concept.

Auto servis Samardzic

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