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NiZ Fenix, Preljina

“NiZ Fenix” was established in 2001 in Gornji Milanovac. The present-day business unit of the company is located at Stara pruga 41b, Preljina. In addition to the main activity of road transport of goods in the country and abroad, it also covers the services of the Truck center, which include servicing, maintenance and undercarriage tuning of cargo vehicles, tachograph service, technical inspection of passenger and cargo vehicles, truck wash, tire repair services and sales of truck tires, customs and commercial warehousing of goods, as well as lease-sales of trucks, trailers and working machines.

By signing the partnership in 2023, the truck service of the company "NiZ Fenix" becomes the first TotalEnergies Rubia Truck Service (RTS) in Serbia. It adopts recognizable visual features, gains the opportunity for professional development of its employees, participates in promotional activities within the network, and receives support in the form of original products from the TotalEnergies range.

In the photo gallery below, you can see what RTS “NiZ Fenix” in Preljina looks like after partnering with TotalEnergies.

As the region's leading transport company, specializing in bulk transport services and all types of trucks for full and groupage loads, “NiZ Fenix” prioritizes the delivery of goods at the agreed-upon location and time, which is why it is trusted by a large number of domestic and foreign companies, producers of various goods.

NiZ Fenix

"NiZ Fenix" ranks among the largest Truck centers in the region, with an area of about 6 hectares and a fleet of over 50 trucks registered with the Ministry of Transport. This speaks volumes about dedication, a clear goal, and continual investment in expansion. As a result, we launched a partnership to provide clients with a high level of service and confidence in the quality of TotalEnergies Rubia products designed for commercial vehicles.