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Nineks Novi Sad

“Nineks” auto service belongs to a firm under the same name which is located in the city of Novi Sad, at 160 Novosadski put St. “Nineks” was founded in 1990 as an auto parts wholesaler. The first retail store started working in 1997 whereas the auto-service represents the newest business unit that specializes in quick repairs, regular maintenance, mechanics, electrics, diagnostics, A/C and battery service, for all types of vehicles.

Partnership with TotalEnergies was established in the second half of 2019 when “Nineks” joined the TQAS concept which provides support through products from TotalEnergies portfolio, technical education of the service employees, promotional activities and recognizable visual identity.

The gallery below shows what the service looks like after joining the TQAS network.

Right next to the auto service, there is a central warehouse with over 20,000 items. Availability of spare parts, together with contemporary equipment and diagnostics, guarantee quick service and short retention of the vehicles.


As a family business, “Nineks” fosters a long tradition of building trustworthy relations with buyers and service clients on the territory of Vojvodina. A long-term vision of development and commitment to end-users have recommended “Nineks” for this partnership, to the great pleasure of both parties.