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MV Auto, Krusevac

The family company "MV Auto" in Krusevac was founded in 1997 as a car parts retailer. The car service as a new activity started operating in 2001, and since 2010 it has been located on a busy thoroughfare, in the Kneza Miloša 2 street. "MV Auto" specializes in Audi and French vehicle brands, but owners of all makes can turn to them for a service.

Diagnostics, mechanics, electricity, and air conditioning services are among the services that are offered. There is also a car wash within the facility for exterior and interior car washing, car and headlight polishing, and application of ceramic protection.

In 2023, "MV Auto" entered into a partnership with TotalEnergies, getting the opportunity to adopt a new visual identity characteristic for the TotalEnergies concept, in addition to the regular supply of original products from the TotalEnergies range. Additionally, employees in the service are entitled to continuous technical training, and the repair shop itself can participate in promotional activities organized by the company at the network level.

In the photo gallery below, you can see what the "MV Auto" service looks like after joining the TotalEnergies service network.

Relying on expertise, professional approach to work, as well as kindness in communication with clients, hundreds of individuals and legal entities entrusted their vehicles and entire fleets to the "MV Auto" car service. Given that "MV Auto" also has a warehouse with more than 2,000 car parts for servicing and repair purposes, clients also receive fast service, because there is no downtime due to waiting for orders.

Auto servis, MV Auto, Kruševac

Since its foundation, "MV Auto" service has been using TotalEnergies and Elf oils, so signing a partnership with TotalEnergies was not only a logical sequence of business development, but also a great mutual satisfaction, all with the aim of ensuring quality service, as well as the availability of original oils and lubricants from the TotalEnergies portfolio to joint end users.