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Modus, Uzice

The “Modus” car service has been in Uzice at Karadjordjeva 1 street for more than a decade. This family business specializes in French vehicles Citroen, Peugeot, Dacia and Renault, and the services it provides include mechanics, diagnostics, electrics and electronics, oil and filter replacement, manual transmission service, as well as the supply of spare parts.

“Modus” entered the TotalEnergies service network in 2021, thus getting a new visual identity of the recognizable TotalEnergies concept. Besides that, the service continually receives support in the form of original oils and fluids from our range, and continuous professional development for its employees. In addition to all that, the service gets the opportunity to participate in promotional activities organized by TotalEnergies within the service network.

In the gallery of images below, you can see the “Modus” service in Uzice after joining the TotalEnergies service concept.

Constant education, monitoring trends from the world of the auto industry, along with motorsport, specialization that inevitably brings high quality services, have contributed to the great reputation and respect that “Modus” enjoys among its users not only in Uzice, but in the entire region as well.

tim Modus, Užice

The long-standing tradition of successful business, the service owners’ expertise in motorsport, a high level of professionalism, as well as an immediate and individual approach to each client, were the basis for TotalEnergies to form this partnership and for “Modus” to join the service network, with the aim of providing clients with safe and quality service, as well as reliable products for their vehicles.