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Lumis, Belgrade

“Lumis” car service was founded in 2000 at Nine Kirsanove 4 street in Belgrade. The service offers extensive mechanical services for many automotive brands and owns original diagnostic tools that ensure precise detection and reparation of electronic components’ malfunctions. “Lumis” also specializes in A/C recharging, chip tuning and restoring classic cars.

At the beginning of 2020, "Lumis" joins the TotalEnergies service network and, as an equal member, enjoys all the benefits of this partnership. Along with the application of global visual standards which are typical for all services in the TotalEnergies network, TotalEnergies offers support when it comes to products, promotion, and professional guidance to all service employees.

The image gallery below shows what the service looks like after branding.

As a family business oriented towards the individual needs of each client, “Lumis” car service is committed to solving standard and non-standard service challenges. They have also trained a great number of young experts who acquired valuable skills working in the service.

TQAS Lumis

For “Lumis”, collaboration with TotalEnergies means reliable oil quality and fast delivery, expert support through education and above all, a true partnership. TotalEnergies' service network is, on the other hand, reinforced in both quantity and quality owing to its members who take care of their clients, guaranteeing the quality of TotalEnergies' product offer.