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Kozarac, Beograd

“Genuine Servis DOO – Kozarac” was founded in 1993 as an auto service specialized in servicing and repairing Land Rover vehicles. Today, they stand for a contemporary auto center, offering a wide range of services for virtually any car make. The service is located at JNA Boulevard 8b, close to the Jajinci memorial park in Belgrade.

Beside mechanics, computer diagnostics and servicing electronic systems, “Kozarac” is equipped for bodywork and paint jobs, servicing automatic transmission systems and computer-managed repair of brake discs directly on the vehicle. They also own a store that sells spare parts for Land Rover vehicles.

At the beginning of 2020 “Kozarac” entered the TotalEnergies concept, receiving a recognizable visual identity and support from TotalEnergies through automotive lubricants, professional employee trainings and promotional campaigns designed for all partner services in the TotalEnergies network.

The image gallery below shows how the service looks after adopting the TotalEnergies branding.

Over 30 years of experience and the love for off-road vehicles, which is part of family legacy, reflect in the quality of service and professional approach to each client. “Kozarac” is trusted by many individuals from the country and abroad, and by many associations and institutions like the British Embassy in Serbia, the Delegation of the European Commission, the police, the Red Cross, and many charity organizations.

TQAS Genuine Servis

The quality of service and numerous recommendations made the first step towards establishing collaboration with TotalEnergies, to the mutual satisfaction and vision of progress on both sides of this partnership.