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Gulan MD, Kovin

Founded in 1999 at Car Lazar 214 Street in Kovin “Gulan MD” specializes in car repair, maintenance and tire services, offering also technical inspection and vehicle insurance, towing services, rent-a-car, and car washing.

Partnership with TotalEnergies was signed in 2020 when “Gulan MD” became part of the TotalEnergies service concept. Along with new visual features, by joining the TotalEnergies network “Gulan MD” receives support through automotive lubricants and fluids, technical employee training and the possibility to take part in promotional activities for all its clients.

The image gallery below shows what “Gulan MD” looks like after joining the TotalEnergies service concept.

As a result of two decades of successful business operations, today’s “Gulan MD” car service takes pride in the wide range of services in one place. This contemporary auto-center is recognized by their expertise, reliability, and amiable approach to clients. 

QAS “Gulan”


The constant growth and progress, professional and high-quality service, and reliable partner relations are all values that TotalEnergies supports by investing in “Gulan MD”.