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Euro-auto, Bor

The Euro-auto car service is located in Bor at the address Zeleni Bulevar 11. In addition to 10 available positions for car repairs, the Euro-auto service also offers a wide range of spare auto parts. Although primarily focused and specialized in pickup trucks, it provides services to all makes and models of vehicles.

Since its establishment, the range of services has changed and expanded, so that today it provides mechanical services, electric services, filling of air conditioning, diagnostics and repair of electronics, while other services such as vehicle body repairs, indemnity or services related to tires are provided in cooperation with colleagues from the industry.

In 2022, Euro-auto formed a partnership with TotalEnergies. By joining our service concept, Euro-auto gained the possibility of continuous employee education, support in the form of original products, as well as participation in promotional activities at the service network level.

In the image gallery below, you can see how the service looks after rebranding and adopting the new, but widely recognizable TotalEnergies visual identity.

For almost two decades, the Euro-auto service in Bor has been enjoying the trust and reputation of its clients, which is due to the continuous development and improvement of business and services, upgrade of knowledge and skills, availability of quality spare parts, as well as a quick and dedicated approach to solving problems.

Euro-auto, Zaposleni

Recognizing the shared values, such as expertise, professionalism, responsibility and high quality, for which it believes are also key for joint progress of the entire service network, TotalEnergies was pleased to enter into partnership with the Euro-auto car service.