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Crans Montana Ljig

“Crans Montana” auto service is located at 31 Ravnogorska Street. Along with fast and expert repair and tire services, “Crans Montana” firm sells car parts, electronic and diagnostic components, car cosmetics and tires by well-known brands. They are the only authorized dealer of GOOD YEAR tires in Ljig municipality.

Their partnership with TotalEnergies was signed at the end of 2019. “Crans Montana” became part of the TQAS network of services that means a recognizable visual identity and support from TotalEnergies when it comes to products, promotion and technical training for service employees.

The image gallery below shows what the service looks like after joining the TQAS network.

Along with two working positions for vehicle repair and maintenance, TQAS service “Crans Montana” also has a dedicated car wash position.


Commitment to their work and to each client resulted very fast in TQAS “Crans Montana” becoming one of the most trustworthy auto centers in Ljig and the neighborhood, as well as being recognized by TotalEnergies a reliable partner for development and growth.