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COBRA-RIV, Gornji Milanovac

The "COBRA-RIV" car service is located at 1300 Kaplara 44 in Gornji Milanovac. This family business, which was founded in 1990, has grown and extended over time, and it now provides a range of services for passenger, light commercial, heavy duty and agricultural vehicles, as well as inspection and registration for any type of vehicle and working machinery. Aside from rapid service and light mechanical work, there are also services for cleaning, replacement and repair of exhaust systems, air conditioning service and recharge, bodywork, wheel alignment, tire balancing, tire hotel, and the purchase and sale of a wide range of car parts.

 "COBRA-RIV" signed a partnership with TotalEnergies in 2022, adopting a new visual identity of the globally recognizable TotalEnergies concept and gaining the opportunity for technical training and specialization of employees, as well as participating in promotional activities within the service network. "COBRA-RIV" receives support from TotalEnergies in the form of original oils and lubricants, as do other partners.

The photo gallery below shows how the “COBRA-RIV” service in Gornji Milanovac looks after joining the TotalEnergies network.

Constantly analyzing market needs, investing in education, and developing services that meet them have resulted in the respect and good reputation that the "COBRA-RIV" car service enjoys among clients and businesses from Gornji Milanovac and its surrounding area.

Zaposleni COBRA-RIV, Gornji Milanovac

More than three decades of quality work, dedication to each individual client, a comprehensive set of services and a high level of professionalism served as the foundation for the TotalEnergies company to enter into a partnership with "COBRA-RIV", to the mutual satisfaction and peace of mind for the clients when it comes to the reliability of vehicle services and TotalEnergies products.